IILA President & CEO Cambria Tortorelli Featured Guest on “Commentaries From The Edge” Podcast

January 23, 2023

Episode Summary: “The people’s of the world are on the move, migrating across regions and continents. Many, due to wars, oppression and violent circumstances, come as refugees with little salvaged from their past lives. In Los Angeles, California, there is an organization called the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE that works in tandem with the offices of the State Department of the Federal government. The Institute takes responsibility for resettling individuals, families and unaccompanied minors from the moment they land at the airport. In this episode, we hear from the President and CEO of the International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA), Cambria Tortorelli, not only about the organization’s history but about all their resettlement efforts with those fleeing from Afghanistan in 2021, and the Ukraine in 2022. Cambria explains their menu of services and the additional programming of the Institute that provides such needs as legal services for immigrants and support for victims of human trafficking and low income residents, as well as other projects.”

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