Child Care




For many families, the high cost, limited availability, or inconvenient hours of child care centers can present major barriers to work. Through our child care centers and subsidized programs, the Child Development Division (CDD) provides the flexibility that is vital for parents working nontraditional hours, looking for a job, going to school, or looking for housing.

Access to quality and reliable child care allows parents who want to work to stay in the labor force, encourages the healthy development of young children, supports long-lasting familial bonds, and provides social benefits for the entire community.

The staff of CDD are available to assist you on Monday from 8am to 6pm and Tuesday-Friday from 8am to 5pm.  Please call the IILA corporate office to be connected to the appropriate CDD staff member: 323-224-3800.


Voucher-Based Child Care

IILA helps low-income families choose from among the voucher-based programs we administer that reimburse child care costs.

IILA Preschool Programs

IILA operates nine preschool sites that offer part-day and full-day programs to prepare children ages 2-5 for success.

Family Child Care Home Education Network

IILA partners with child care providers in the Family Child Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN) for free or low-cost educational enrichment in home settings.

Child Nutrition

IILA prepares and delivers freshly-cooked breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen for IILA preschools and other child care centers throughout L.A.




  • Do you need help paying for child care or preschool?
  • Do you need child care before or after school?
  • Are you working, attending school, or looking for a job?
  • Are you receiving cash assistance or low-income benefits?


You may be eligible for free or low-cost child care for children under 13.

Submit an application to determine if you meet need and eligibility criteria. Services are available regardless of immigration status.

Submit Application Form Online:

Download Application Form to Submit by E-mail or Mail:

Please send the completed application form to [email protected].



IILA administers voucher-based programs that reimburse the cost of child care for low-income families with children up to 13. Through CalWORKs (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3) and the Alternative Payment Program, IILA provides assistance that allows parents to choose the child care that best suits their family’s need, including licensed child care centers, licensed family child care homes, or license-exempt care (like family members or a friend).


IILA partners with providers in the Family Child Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN), an educational enrichment program for children 0-13. Subsidized services are offered to eligible families for free or at low cost in quality family child care homes, providing additional flexibility for parents.

FCCHEN offers affordable childcare to eligible parents, supports the quality of childcare, and establishes relationships between children, parents, family childcare home providers, and IILA program specialists. Family child care home providers enrolled in the FCCHEN program receive ongoing professional development training, guidance, and technical support from IILA program specialists to assure high-quality child development services.


IILA’s part-day and full-day preschool programs prepare children for success by providing high quality child care and education using the HighScope Curriculum based on active learning and positive interactions with adults and peers. Studies show this curriculum promotes a child’s development and provides lasting benefits into adulthood.

Our program addresses all areas of development through 8 content areas and 56 key developmental indicators (KDIs) – the skills and behaviors at each stage of development that pave the way for future success. Our preschools offer free or low-cost education for children 2-5 and most of our sites have full-day hours (6:30am-6pm) to accommodate the schedules of working parents.  Children in diapers are welcome!

See below for our site locations and contact information.  Reach out to the respective site for more information and to enroll your child.

Aliso Pico Preschool 1505 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA  90033 T: (323) 269-6921
F: (323) 269-6921
All Peoples Preschool 822 East 20th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90011 T: (213) 747-6357 ext. 140
F: (213) 749-9409
Amistad Preschool 2037 Lincoln Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031 T: (323) 441-8718
F: (323) 441-8718
Estrada Learning Center 3225 Hunter Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023 T: (323) 881-6780
F: (323) 881-6780
La Santa Cruz Preschool 2747 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023 T: (323) 262-1123
F: (323)262-1123
Las Flores Preschool 1073 S. Eastman Ave. #211, Los Angeles, CA 90023 T: (323) 980-5015
F: (323) 980-5015
Lorena Terrace Alegria Preschool 619 S. Lorena St. Rm C-104, Los Angeles, CA 90023 T: (323) 981-0081
F: (323) 981-0081
Village Learning Center 4001 N. Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90032 T: (323) 225-0151
F: (323) 225-0151
Vista Nueva Learning Center 130 S La Fayette Park Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90057 T: (323) 284-6805
F: (323) 284-6805


IILA ensures that children get the proper nutrition to thrive, learn, and succeed in school and beyond. Our on-site state-of-the-art commercial kitchen prepares and delivers freshly-cooked breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to IILA preschools and other child care centers throughout L.A.

Our meals are served family-style in order to model healthy practices and make mealtime fun and social. Children experience sharing, looking out for others, learning healthy portion sizes, and socializing with teachers and peers – powerful developmental milestones that shape their eating habits and health.

Learn more about our Nutrition Division.