Resources for Ukrainians


This page will be updated with community resources, instructional videos, documents translated to Ukrainian and Russian, and other updates for Ukrainians. For complete information from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), visit Uniting for Ukraine.

Last updated 08/30/2022.

IILA’s Statement On Ukraine


IILA is now providing services to Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees who live in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Kern counties.

If you are a Ukrainian national who entered the US on a tourist or student visa, you are not eligible for these services.  However, you may be eligible to apply for Temporary Protected Status, which would give you an Employment Authorization Document, among other benefits.


If you are a Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolee living in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Kern counties, IILA can help you access service and benefits you are entitled to from the US Government as well as local and state governments.

For more information, visit Office of Refugee Resettlement: Benefits for Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees (Ukrainian) (Russian)


Please email Ani Arabadjyan at with:

  • your name
  • mobile number
  • current address
  • a copy of the US visa page in your passport


Якщо ви володієте українською чи російською і потребуєте допомоги, звертайтеся до Aсмикa Степаняна за адресою і вказуйте: 

  •  Твоє ім’я:
  •  Номер мобільного телефону:
  •  Адреса проживання:
  •  Копія сторінки вашого паспорта з візою США:


Если вы говорите по-украински или по-русски и вам нужна помощь, свяжитесь с Асмик Степанян по электронному адресу и укажите : 

  •  Ваше имя:
  •  Номер мобильного телефона:
  •  Адрес проживания:
  •  Копия страницы  вашего паспорта с визой в США:

Certain Ukrainian individuals, or non-Ukrainian individuals who last habitually resided in Ukraine, who are also referred to as Ukrainians within this fact sheet, have been or will be granted humanitarian parole by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine. Ukrainian humanitarian parolees paroled into the U.S. between February 24, 2022, and September 30, 2023, are eligible to apply for main­stream benefits, resettlement assis­tance, and other benefits available to refugees (with the exception of the initial resettlement program customarily referred to as Department of State’s Reception and Placement program), until the end of their parole term. These individuals’ spouses or unmarried children under the age of 21 who are paroled into the U.S after September 30, 2023, are also eligible to apply for these benefits.

ORR provides funding to state governments, resettlement agencies, and other nonprofit community-based organizations to provide benefits and services for eligible individuals. Beginning on May 21, 2022, or the date you received humanitarian parole, whichever is later, you can apply at the state government benefits office or closest resettlement agency in your state. For a state-by-state listing of local resettlement agencies, view the ORR state program directory, which also includes a link to ORR state contacts:

For more information, visit Office of Refugee Resettlement: Benefits for Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees (Ukrainian) (Russian)


3/3/22 Update: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Ukrainian nationals in the US, based on the ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions in Ukraine that prevent its nationals from returning safely.

4/19/22 UpdateUSCRI issued a notice that Ukrainians can submit an initial registration application for TPS and apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Additionally, the government adjusted the cutoff date for those who are eligible to apply for TPS. All Ukrainians who meet eligibility requirements and who entered the US before April 11 of this year can apply. The designation of TPS for Ukraine lasts until October 19, 2023.

IILA’s Immigration Legal Services Division is available to assist with applications for TPS.

More details from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS):

During a designated period, individuals who are TPS beneficiaries or who are found preliminarily eligible for TPS upon initial review of their cases (prima facie eligible):

  • Are not removable from the United States
  • Can obtain an employment authorization document (EAD)
  • May be granted travel authorization


Once granted TPS, an individual also cannot be detained by DHS on the basis of his or her immigration status in the United States.

TPS is a temporary benefit that does not lead to lawful permanent resident status or give any other immigration status. However, registration for TPS does not prevent you from:

  • Applying for nonimmigrant status
  • Filing for adjustment of status based on an immigrant petition
  • Applying for any other immigration benefit or protection for which you may be eligible

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