The Source: “How to Sign up for Public Transportation Discounts with Metro LIFE program” #2

(Above: IILA Social Services staff Nichole Corwin and Erikc Burgos out in the community ready to help with Metro LIFE enrollments.)

July 3, 2023

The Source: “The entire family of Marco Antonio Mejia relies on Metro public transportation for their commutes…With a regular fare of $1.75, their total transportation expenses could be as much as $70 per week or nearly $280 per month an amount difficult for them to afford.

However, in 2019 Marco Antonio learned about a Metro program called Low Income Fare is Easy (LIFE), which helps low-income riders with a subsidy for their commutes. This program grants unlimited free Metro rides for the first 90 days. After that, participants receive 20 days of free rides per month or discounts on passes from any of the 13 participating transit agencies, including LADOT, GTrans, Long Beach Transit, and others…

The person who guided him through the process is part of the International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA), one of the two organizations that collaborate with Metro and manage the LIFE program; the other is FAME Assistance Corporation. Both hold community events in various cities in Los Angeles County to provide information about the LIFE program and answer passengers’ questions at sign-ups.  They are also in charge of processing applications received during signup events as well as those that arrive through the Internet, regular mail, and Metro customer service centers.

IILA events coordinator Nichole Corwin says the organization focuses on areas in the San Gabriel Valley, Lancaster, Pomona, and some parts of the San Fernando Valley like Sylmar, Van Nuys, and Glendale where they usually set up information tables at train stations, community fairs, senior centers, festivals, and even swap meets.”

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