Social Services


Every year, thousands of refugees, asylum seekers, survivors of human trafficking, and unaccompanied minors arrive in Southern California.

The Local Integration & Family Empowerment (LIFE) Division assists resilient people to restore their freedom, dignity and independence through comprehensive social services and access to jobs, education, and health. Our staff conducts outreach to identify these populations, partners with public and non-profit agencies, visits detention centers on the border to offer aid, and provides other services that address their most urgent needs and empower them to become self-sufficient.

Family Strengthening Program

IILA’s Family Strengthening Program provides families with the training, knowledge, and social competencies to significantly improve parenting skills and family relationships, foster healthy communication and conflict management, prevent delinquency and problem behaviors, avert alcohol and drug abuse, and strengthen children’s school performance.

Our workshops are open to the community and serve hundreds of participants each year.

Survivors of Human Trafficking

IILA provides comprehensive and trauma-informed case management services to survivors of human trafficking and their families to help them reclaim and rebuild their lives.

Our services include rescue, legal aid, coordination with law enforcement, assistance finding housing and employment, health services, mental health counseling, family reunification, and other services survivors need to restore their independence. We are there to aid at every step in their journey from rescue to reintegration into their community. Learn more about human trafficking here.

Transitional Subsidized Employment

Through our Transitional Subsidized Employment Program, IILA provides subsidized employment opportunities for CalWORKs participants. Typically, clients are assigned to public agencies or private non-profit organizations where they gain paid work experience and on-the-job training.

By promoting job preparation and job training for useful skills and helping to overcome barriers to work, IILA has a high success rate for participants securing unsubsidized employment after completing the program.

Reception & Placement

For many refugees, fleeing violence and persecution in their home country can be traumatic. Once they arrive in Southern California, they often face additional challenges, such as feeling a loss of culture and community, adapting to a foreign environment, and lacking resources and services.

IILA’s Reception & Placement program links refugees still overseas with local family or friends. Case managers work with these “local ties” to arrange airport reception, grant resettlement funds, conduct mental health screenings, provide community orientation, and find employment and housing. These comprehensive support services, along with refugees’ local ties, significantly ease their resettlement and transition to fulfilling lives in their new community.

Match Grant Program

IILA’s Match Grant Program helps new Americans attain economic self-sufficiency through comprehensive case management and services leading to employment.

We work closely with refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking through a variety of programs on job readiness, placement, housing, and community orientation. Our clients receive individualized services, which may include transportation to interviews and interview preparation.

Within several months of their arrival, we successfully place our clients in jobs at a significantly higher rate than public agencies through our one-on-one approach.

Metro’s Low-Income Fare is Easy

IILA is a provider of LA Metro’s Low-Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) program, which provides transportation assistance to low-income individuals in Los Angeles County. LIFE offers fare subsidies toward LA Metro and several transit agencies or free regional ride options.

The LIFE Limited Program is also available to residents who do not have access to transportation to meet their basic medical, housing and job search needs. Enrollment is based on urgency, eligibility and availability.

View brochures for more information in English, Spanish, Korean, Armenian, Chinese, and Khmer. View YouTube videos in English and Spanish.

To apply, fill out the application form here:

LIFE Program Application English
Aplicación del Programa LIFE

Telecommunication Education Assistance in Multiple-Languages (TEAM)

IILA is a provider of the California Public Utilities Commission’s TEAM program, which offers free-of-charge service to consumers who are not proficient in English to assist with any questions, concerns, or to resolve telephone bill complaints or fraud disputes.

We help these consumers find solutions to any problem they may have with their telecommunications bill and educate them on consumer rights.

Community Help & Awareness of Natural Gas & Electricity Services (CHANGES)

IILA is a provider of the California Public Utilities Commission’s CHANGES program, which provides free-of-charge service to consumers who are not proficient in English to assist with any questions, concerns, or to resolve gas and electric bill questions and complaints.

The program provides consumer education and complaint resolution (between the consumer and their investor owned utility).