IILA’s Afghan Legal Representation Project (ALRP) Needs Your Help

Afghan Client Resources at IILA

April 18, 2022

Hundreds of Afghan families in Los Angeles are facing a one-year deadline to submit their asylum application so they can safely and legally remain in the United States and obtain lawful permanent residency.

Since the fall of Kabul to Taliban forces in August 2021, IILA has received 889 Afghans. Over half of our clients have already found permanent homes and enrolled their children in school. Nearly all are looking for jobs or have found work so that they can rebuild their lives. Applying for asylum is the critical next step to their successful resettlement and obtaining a green card.

As the US immigration system, resettlement agencies, and immigration attorneys are facing major delays and increased caseloads, IILA is launching the Afghan Legal Representation Project (ALRP) to ensure that our clients are on track to meet the one-year asylum deadline.

We need your help to find legal and non-legal volunteers to assist with this process in the coming months.


Legal Professionals & Law Students
Non-Legal Volunteers & Dari/Pashto Translators

We are looking for legal professionals and law students who are interested in providing pro bono legal assistance to Afghan evacuees, which may include asylum, Special Immigrant Visa, P1/2 refugee status, Temporary Protected Status, and other legal applications.


We are looking for volunteers who can provide assistance to Afghans applying for asylum and other legal matters. Tasks may include helping to fill out applications, translating documents in Dari/Pashto, proof-reading, delivering documents, and other non-legal tasks.

SIGN UP HERE (Non-Legal)


Asylum is a form of legal protection for people who are physically present in the US, who suffered and/or fear future persecution in their home country. The majority of Afghan evacuees admitted to the US are on humanitarian parole, which is a temporary status. Currently, most need to apply for asylum within a year of their arrival. After asylum is granted, they can apply to be a Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder).


IILA expects to conduct orientations for legal professionals in May 2022 and to match Afghan clients with volunteers to work on their asylum applications in June and July 2022.

After you submit your sign-up form, we will reach out to you if there is a good fit and a need for your assistance.


If you know attorneys or other legal professionals interested in pro bono services, please share this email with them! We are also in need of translators & interpreters to assist limited-English proficient families.


We are searching for Immigration Attorneys and a Caseworker to join IILA’s Afghan Legal Representation Project! See the job descriptions and other opportunities at our Careers page.


Asylum Saves Lives

Last month, our client Silvi was granted asylum after a long, difficult process. Silvi came to the US as an unaccompanied minor and was placed in removal proceedings. She had been forced to flee her home country after receiving death threats from local gangs.

IILA attorneys accompanied Silvi to her asylum interviews before USCIS and helped her win asylum and have her removal case terminated.

Now, Silvi plans to apply for her green card and to go back to school to get her GED this year. Her goal is to go to college and become a physician assistant.

Silvi writes: “I aspire to be a good citizen here – to pay my taxes, have good credits, and my dream is to buy a house here.

“The biggest challenge throughout this experience was not knowing whether I was going to get asylum granted or be forced back to my country. The uncertainty was overwhelming at times. However, because I listened to my attorney’s suggestions, and worked hard to prepare for my asylum interview, I was able to win my case.

“I want to thank IILA for having listened to my story and accepted my case. IILA gave me the tools I needed to be able to express myself in a way that would allow me to win my case. I saw the hard work the entire team was doing for me and I appreciated how honest they were. When I had a concern, my attorney was there to answer all my questions. They were always there for me.”