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Not even Thanksgiving… but thanks…


For counting ourselves important parts of decades of our outstanding team – support and direct service staff; for our wonderful accomplishments in changing lives from disadvantaged to thriving.


While direct service’ staff’s top reward is feeling content having personally assisted people, we all must rejoice in carrying out the myriad roles and jobs that support that good direct client work.


For the outstanding and pretty unique opportunity to earn a living in directly working toward such noble goals.  There is no equivalent substitute for correctly claiming success as direct service staff, but also, as many of us claim, indirect support of our shared lofty goals.


For the knowledge that many folks, young and old, live out their lives significantly aided by the good work of IILA.


The knowledge that statistics, reports, budgets, plans, financial statements, secretarial, HR, PR, Fund development and Board support etc.  are super important. While we don’t directly get the occasional and admittedly all-too-infrequent thanks or smiling eyes of clients, we nonetheless rejoice in being integral parts of our successes.


For making so many outstanding friendships among so many colleagues and similarly dedicated people. Lawyers, teachers, case workers, resettlement workers, social workers, job developers, advocates, etc. to name only a few of us have the good fortune of personally carrying out our work.  The rest of us have earned equal respect, contented in the knowledge that “it takes a village,” and nothing exceptional is the fruit of only one person’s work.


All of us must take great pride in and celebrate the accomplishment of our mission.


What is the point of such repetition?


Having had the lucky privilege of both serving clients directly as well as serving indirectly, as I have done, I have experienced what only direct service folks have, yet I have also learned that we must squeeze the juices from support activities, which are harder to experience, yet vital.


I have been very fortunate to have had both.  It is impossible to know whether or not having had the direct client service experience was important or not to the more intellectually satisfying support role I have been given at IILA since 1993. But I have loved both.


I strongly wish to thank all of you for your exceptional work experience and accomplishments, and strongly wish that you all experience the vitality of direct and support roles in our shared accomplishments for the future.

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