IILA Continues to Make a Difference and Supports Families During Pandemic

This is the Garay family. Ms. Garay attended IILA’s Family Strengthening Program (FSP) workshops led by Erika Lopez. Erika shared that Ms. Garay was one of the most active participants during the workshop sessions. While in FSP, Erika made sure was connected with additional resources and helped client enroll in Metro’s LIFE program, through the TEAM and CHANGES programs, Erika provided education on how to conserve energy and save money, helped family enrolled in CARE and other discounts offered by telecommunications providers. Last week, Erika informed the family about the Angeleno card. The family requested assistance with the application process. Erika walked them through the process and helped them apply. Yesterday morning, Mr. Garay called Erika to report that they were granted with the card and received $1,500. The family was so grateful for IILA’s work and of course for Erika’s kind assistance.

The family was affected by the COVID-19, the husband is working few hours and the wife is not working. Thanks to the various resources and services IILA in-house and our staff’s dedication and tireless work, this family was able to receive much needed help.