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At the International Institute of Los Angeles, our mission is to help families become self-sufficient and to promote cross-cultural understanding by providing services to immigrants, refugees, and survivors of human trafficking.

Our headquarters is located east of downtown Los Angeles. IILA employs over 120 dedicated, multicultural staff that provide child care, transportation, immigration legal assistance, and nutrition and refugee services in centers and offices throughout Southern California.

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About Us

About International Institute of Los Angeles

International Institute of Los Angeles provides refugees, immigrants, and survivors of human trafficking with the skills, abilities, and resources they need to become self-sufficient and start their new lives in Southern California.

When newly-arrived individuals are able to secure their first jobs, get legal help, and find child care that works for their families, they are able to fully participate in and contribute to our communities.

Our dedicated staff provides a wide range of social, legal, and child care services to support the most critical needs of our communities. With a special focus on assisting limited-English proficient and low-income individuals, our staff provides free or low-cost child care, transportation to critical services, nutrition, reuniting and strengthening families, legal assistance, help navigating federal immigration policies and procedures, resettlement of refugees and asylum applicants, among other services for immigrants and refugees.

Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Success in Los Angeles, CA

There are many reasons why a family needs to uproot their lives and immigrate or flee to a new country, and having the right support systems in place can make all of the difference in the experience. At the International Institute of Los Angeles, we believe in reuniting families and giving all immigrants and refugees the opportunity to participate in American society. We offer a range of immigration legal services, child care, and refugee services that facilitate a smooth and easy transition into a new community.

A Non-Profit Organization Offering Social and Legal Services

At the International Institute of Los Angeles, we help prepare children academically, while enabling their parents to work outside the home. Empowering refugees with skills and abilities to provide for their families and thrive in their community, our immigrant services are customized to your unique needs. Our social services in Los Angeles can help you and your family establish yourselves as part of a thriving community, and our support along the way can make all of the difference to your quality of life. Our dedicated staff is highly-trained to assist you and your loved ones as you create your new home.

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It takes a lot of courage to start a new life in an unfamiliar country. At the International Institute of Los Angeles, we are committed to providing our clients with dedicated services that support you on your journey. From child care to legal services, we are with you at every step of the process, facilitating a smooth transition into your new life. To find out more about our services, including our social services, child care, and more, reach out to our team today by calling us at (323) 224-3800.

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