December 19th '17
August 18th '11

IILA Garden is Abundant

The Immigration Legal Services Division planted the Jardin Abundancia (Garden of Abundance), a neighborhood garden in front yard of the Boyle Offices, with the help of neighbors. The raised garden beds now are full of thriving crops of squash, chard and herbs. Local youth and others tend the gardens on weekends and meet to talk about local issues in “Charlas” organized by ILSA staff members.

February 1st '11

Helping people get around in a busy city

Cesar was in desperate need of transportation so that he could get to his dialysis treatments and doctor visits. He had no money, no family, no car, and felt hopeless. IILA’s transportation program got him where he needed to be, the doctor’s office.

February 1st '11

Children thrive from nutritious meals

Mary, a 7-year-old, is winding down from a long day at school. She picks up her work, and walks to her after-school program. Mary’s mother works as a hotel housekeeper and no one is home to take care of Mary.

February 1st '11

Helping children grow and learn

Leonora is a single parent raising three children. She has worked hard to overcome many obstacles. She enrolled her children in an IILA childcare program after she regained custody of them from a foster care setting.

February 1st '11

Journey to a new land

Maria came here from El Salvador 15 years ago. She married and began her naturalization process. Meanwhile, Maria’s husband died and the paperwork was never filed. She came to IILA’s immigration division believing that despite her husband’s death her paperwork would be valid.