August 18th '11

IILA Garden is Abundant

The Immigration Legal Services Division planted the Jardin Abundancia (Garden of Abundance), a neighborhood garden in front yard of the Boyle Offices, with the help of neighbors. The raised garden beds now are full of thriving crops of squash, chard and herbs. Local youth and others tend the gardens on weekends and meet to talk about local issues in “Charlas” organized by ILSA staff members.

May 18th '11

Children’s menu upgraded with fresh fruits

In May, the children’s menu was upgraded by including all fresh fruits. The Aliso Pico Child Care Center reported, the children like the fresh strawberries and cantaloupe. Other centers also reported that the children were happy with all fresh fruits. IILA is working to do the best we can to make menus as healthy as possible for the children we feed.

July 28th '10

IILA’s Kitchen: our newest gourmet development

We have created IILA’s Kitchen, a new catering service in southern California that started in November of 2010. We are proud to announce our new site at

IILA’s Kitchen is our latest effort to provide great food while directing our earnings to various of our own programs such as the Senior Services Programs, the Child Development Program. Don’t forget to hire IILA’s Kitchen for your next event.