May 18th '11

Children’s menu upgraded with fresh fruits

In May, the children’s menu was upgraded by including all fresh fruits. The Aliso Pico Child Care Center reported, the children like the fresh strawberries and cantaloupe. Other centers also reported that the children were happy with all fresh fruits. IILA is working to do the best we can to make menus as healthy as possible for the children we feed.

May 12th '11

Early Learning Advocacy Day

This is a critical time for early learning advocates. With state leaders gearing up for another round of budget negotiations following the May budget revise, this is the time to talk to legislators. Many vital early care and education programs are facing devastating cuts, so it is important for parents, educators and other early care advocates to speak up in support of these critical programs.

February 1st '11

Children thrive from nutritious meals

Mary, a 7-year-old, is winding down from a long day at school. She picks up her work, and walks to her after-school program. Mary’s mother works as a hotel housekeeper and no one is home to take care of Mary.

February 1st '11

Helping children grow and learn

Leonora is a single parent raising three children. She has worked hard to overcome many obstacles. She enrolled her children in an IILA childcare program after she regained custody of them from a foster care setting.