IILA Garden is Abundant

The Immigration Legal Services Division planted the Jardin Abundancia (Garden of Abundance), a neighborhood garden in front yard of the Boyle Offices, with the help of neighbors. The raised garden beds now are full of thriving crops of squash, chard and herbs. Local youth and others tend the gardens on weekends and meet to talk about local issues in “Charlas” organized by ILSA staff members.

Jose Ruiz, who works with ILSD and who has taken primary responsibility for the neighborhood garden said, “It is inspiring to see our neighbors show up to work on their garden. The garden is becoming a real gathering place for neighborhood youth. They are finding it a place to talk about their local concerns and hopes.”

The garden received funding from ______, says ILSD Director Robert Foss. “The garden is a wonderful way of reaching out to our neighbors and getting them involved in IILA. It’s fun to see the seeds we planted growing into vegetables and herbs that we can now share with the folks who put work into the garden.”

Raised bed in the Jardin Abudancia.

Herb garden. I will . . . respect all plants and flowers. If you respect plants, they will respect you. Don’t take anything from this garden. Thank you.

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